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Tamping Paste, also known as Thermal Paste is used in the Ferro Alloys & Allied Industries for the lining of the furnace. The paste is produced from a mixture of different carbonaceous material (Calcined Petroleum Coke, Calcined Anthracite Coal etc.) and Soft Pitch as binder.

Manufacturing Process

The first step in the manufacture of Tamping/Thermal Paste is screening the Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) and / or (ECA) to different fractions and pulverizing and storing it separately. Following this, pre-determined quantities of different fractions are weighed and transferred to the Sigma Mixer which is heated to a predefined temperature by the thermic fluid. The required quantity of binder is also weighed and added into the mixer. The mixing is continued for a specific period known as the mixing cycle. At the end of the mixing cycle, the mixed material is dumped onto the mould box and cast into blocks which are then ready for shipment.
Quality Specification

The thermal insulation of the furnace pots is essential. It is important that the Tamping paste does not have any excess binder and fills the wall of the furnace, maintaining proper insulation & minimizing the heat loss

Typical Characteristics of CPC based Tamping Paste are as follows

Green Paste

Volatile Matter 12% Max
Fixed Carbon 87% Min
Ash 1.0% Max
Plasticity 8 - 15%
Apparent Density 1.55 gms/cc Min
Binder Content 19 - 21%

Baked Paste at 1000deg Centigrade

Apparent Density 1.35 gms/cc Min
Electrical Resistivity 90 ohm-meter Max
Compressive Strength 150 Kg/cm2 Min
Porosity 35% Max


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